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Download a Sim!

Here it is! My first attempt at cloning my Sims for download. Hopefully it works out alright. Also, if there's any Sim that you'd like to see but isn't available yet, let me know, and I'll see what I can do!

I think most, if not all, CC is included with the download. So go ahead and take'em if you so desire. And let me know if you're taking so that I can check'em out should you use them in your game. Also, let me know if there are any problems.

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This week took me forever to play. I got a new computer, and it doesn't like the game very much. It crashes relatively often, so I had to replay entire days over and over again. I've since learned to save the game at least every sim day or so. So frustrating.

So sweet, it'll make your tummy ache. Or something.Collapse )

Maplecliffe BaCC Week 9: Nyx Foster

Hey guys. Not sure if anyone is even going to read this anymore, since it's been like a year and a half since I last posted, but I figure I'll try. I'm hoping to get back into this on a more regular basis. So with that, let's go!

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The Almighty Sims Meme

This is super old, but I figured, meh, why not?

Q: How long does your game take to load?
A. Close to an hour. I've got way too many downloads.

Q: When making a Sim, what do you prefer adult male/adult female, teen male, teen female?
A. Adult female. I like messing around with all the hair and makeup and stuff.

Q: How long does your Body Shop take to open?
A. I don't use it much, but probably close to an hour as well.

Q: Do you make more Sims in CAS or in body shop?
A. I like Body Shop because there are way more options for tweaking sims, but it takes so long to open, and then I can't do anything but create a sim, so I'd say CAS. For a founder though, I'd use Body Shop.

Q: Whats your favorite hair color to put on your sims?
A. I like red and blonde because they're recessive.

Q: How many babies have your Sims ever had from one set of parents?
A. I think there were 10 kids once. Somewhere between 10 and 12.

Q: How often do you experience a glitch?
A. Not too often. Mostly just minor ones here and there.

Q: Do you make your sims, straight/gay/bi/lesbian, very often?
A. It's pretty even. One family is 100% gay, and all the rest are randomized.

Q: Does your neighborhood have a theme?
A. Not really, but my families in my BaCC all have themes.

Q: How many downloads do you have in your game?
A. Almost 48000, altogether.

Q: Who is your favorite CC body shop creator (meaning: skins, eyes, hair, make-up etc.)?
A. I don't really have a favourite, though I do like Bruno for eyes and lip colours.

Q: Who is your favorite CC creator for build and buy?
A: No idea. I don't pay that much attention to it.

Q: How often do you play the Sims?
A. Depends on my mood. I go through phases, so sometimes I play a few times a week, but then I can go months without playing.

Q: Do you watch Sims machinama?
A. I used to watch a bunch years ago, but I haven't seen anything lately.

Q: Do you read stories/comics made with the Sims?
A. I read a legacy here and there

Q: What expansion packs do you have?
A. Everything

Q: What are you views on building and decorating?
A. I love looking at well-made houses, but I'm terrible at making them. I don't have patience for it.

Q: What is some body shop CC that you tend to over use?
A. I tend to want to use the same hair and lip colours over and over again.

Q: How often do you need to use “Familyfunds”?
A. Never. I used to use motherlode and kaching when I first started playing, but now I don't use anything like that.

Q: Do you like doll Sims?
A. Meh.

Q: Have you ever killed your Sim(s) for the fun of it?
A. Once. I drowned a zombie once, and it was painful. I had to turn off the sound off and ignore him.

Q: How old are you? And When did you start playing?
A. I'm 35 now. I started playing in 2006.

Q: Do you ever base a Sims family after your own home life?
A. I've never based any sims after me or anyone I know, but I have created a house based on my own house.